Internship General Information

Need college credit?  Need work experience? Do you like the ocean?
If your answers are Yes, then the Dolphin Dreams internship program is designed for you.

This unique program involving Manta Rays, Dolphins, Whales (seasonal) and a host of other aquatic life forms unique to the Hawaiian Islands will surely stand out on any resume.
You will work with full-time, published, underwater photo- and videography professionals as they go about their daily activities capturing stunning imagery of marine life. Learn what post productions entails by working behind the scenes from pre-shoot logistics to the final product.

Participants are typically from 18 to 24 years of age. The minimum stay for the intern is 4 weeks, maximum 8 weeks. We ask that you be available to intern 4 days/ week for 8 to 10 hours/day.

This is an unpaid internship.  There is only a charge for scuba classes, room & board, not for the program itself.

Participation in our internship program will give you valuable experience and help you stand out among other applicants in your field of study when you enter the work force.

The Intern's Job Description

Before we start we need to stress that although this is "fun", it is also hard work.

You will be involved, learn how, assist us and observe the following tasks:

Pre- and Post-Shoot Logistics:
  • Preparing snorkel- and scuba gear for the shoot
  • Loading and unloading vehicles with our snorkel/scuba and camera equipment
  • Desalinating photo, video and snorkel/scuba gear
  • Assuring that batteries are charged for our underwater cameras, lights and all support equipment

  • Going on tours with us to film dolphins, whales, turtles, manta rays, and other marine life (scuba diving is optional)
  • Loading and unloading boats with our scuba diving and camera gear
  • Setting up and breaking down scuba gear on boats
  • Desalinating photo, video and scuba equipment
  • Leak testing new camera housings
  • Providing underwater lighting (where appropriate)
  • Acting as a safety diver (optional)

  • Capturing and editing of footage
  • Processing incoming orders for videos, pictures etc.
  • Preparing and duplicating DVDs and Online Downloads
  • Helping us to update our online store and website
  • Maintaining our video and still archives
  • Assisting with packing and shipping of items sold
  • Where applicable, providing foreign language translation (if this is an area of expertise)
  • Shopping for inventory supplies

Educational & Research:
  • Assisting us in monitoring manta ray and dolphin activity by keeping accurate records of times, locations and numbers, etc.
  • Taking part in scuba education courses (assist and participate)
  • Study Hawaiian marine life and how the species behavior correlates to successful imagery

Your will be part of a team of professionals whose passion and level of expertise may inspire you.
You will learn and be educated in an environment that most people only dream of.
Although we recognize that not all of our interns will desire to scuba dive (personal preferences or a medical condition), this program will offer you many opportunities to grow and excel in our land-based tasks.

All interns will rotate between all phases of business (non-diving) operations. Depending on the length of your stay as an intern you will be involved in as many projects possible.

We encourage you to read more about the program and if you feel that  this would be a good fit for you, then fill out our online application.